"I believe a house is more a home by being a work of art"

Katerina Ralli is an interior architect, a graduate of the educational group AKTO ART AND DESIGN COLLEGE, with postgraduate studies in applied arts Arts in Design at Middlesex University London.

With many years of experience in the architectural study of interior spaces, she maintains her own office in the center of Athens.

The respect of the client's wishes in combination with the external structure of the building are the main pillars on which the corresponding study is "built", whether it is a newly built project or a renovation of an existing one.

Our project concerns the architectural study of homes and business premises, the finding of materials and the consulting services of furniture - lighting - styling - color. 

Our design philosophy, based on our unique experience, allows us to bring our clients' visions to life with meticulous precision. The result is solutions that prioritize comfort while meeting even the most demanding design needs, creating a stunning combination of sophistication and aesthetic appeal.


Our services range from a simple consulting approach to a complete architectural design, focusing on creating spaces that reflect each unique personality rather than just a popular decorating trend.